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Capturing the Lipid Biomarkers & Drug Targets of Tomorrow
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The Rise of New Lipid Know-How
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Taking You Beyond in Science
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The Rise of the New Lipid Know-How
Capturing the Lipid Biomarkers & Drug Targets of Tomorrow

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About us

Lipidomics Consulting provides unique help at any phase in your lipidomics workflow. We help you to establish, customize and support the technologie(s) of your interest, aiming to maximize your productivity.


We help you to plan & setup your Lipidomics lab and workflows of interest

We provide advice on analysis selection(s), automation, assay validation, and standardization

We advice you on consumables and standards for Lipidomics
We help you to design your experiments, guide you through your lipidomics project and translate the results to the project team

We help you to optimize your methods, adapt quality controls and necessary documentations

We help you to tailor-make your data processing pipeline
We help in translating your data into biology

We provide advice on new developments and in how to resolve challenges
We provide advice with transitions to clinical trials

We help you to identify the CRO of choice

We can assist in turning your work into publications


Resources with LDC

Standardize and add biological know-how to your project reports and publication data by applying the latest Lipidomics Nomenclature and Basic Lipid Biology translator. LDC harmonizes your data according to future standards and ready to be used with LipidDrive™.

Lipid Drive™

Lipid Drive™ is the first-ever cloud computing lipidomics platform concept, revolutionizing the field by combining simplicity, unlimited power, control, accessibility, connectivity and user friendliness into a single solution.

Latest news

Lipidomics Consulting and University and Industry Partners Receive Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects more than 6 million people worldwide. Glycosphingolipids are natural cellular fats and part of the PD epidemiology. They are components of cellular membranes that fulfill multiple functional roles, from cell structure and transport to signalling. However, the contribution of glycosphingolipids to PD is not fully understood.

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